YCW Archive Digitisation Milestone

Canon PC-20 Brochure

The 6000th item digitised is a photocopier brochure from the 1980s

The YCW Archive’s Digitisation Project is going strong, and this week celebrates digitising its 6,000th item.

The archive contains photographs, documents and other memorabilia from the organisation’s 74 year history in Australia.

The current focus is on the Melbourne Office collection, which has information on enquiries, the accommodation service, leadership weekends, as well as local, interstate and international correspondence.

The 6,000th item to be digitised is a brochure for a new Canon photocopier from 1984 – it seems the office was tired of repairing its old machine!

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Call for Contributions to the YCW Timeline

The YCW Archive is calling all researchers and writers to contribute an article for inclusion in the YCW Timeline, an innovative, interactive, online history about the movement in Australia. Click here to find out more call-for-contributions-ycw-timeline

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December Newsletter 2015

The YCW Archive and Research Centre would like to electronically share our last newsletter.

This newsletter was distributed in December 2015 via mail out and is now available for online viewing.

If you did not receive a copy of the Newsletter and you would like to in the future, please contact us via the emails listed on the Contact Us page.

The YCW Archive and Research Centre newsletter is currently not annual.

2015 Dec_Archive Update

Newsletter Dec. 2015

Meet the Archive Team

Newsletter Dec. 2015


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YCW Archive and Research Centre Exhibition Report – ‘A Thousand Fresh Starts’ a Success

We at the YCW Archive and Research Centre are happy to announce our first exhibition, ‘A Thousand Fresh Starts’, was a success!

Held on the 21st of November, the exhibition hosted 20 temporary displays on a variety of Australian YCW historical topics along with the offical launch of the documentary project.

Upwards of 75 people attended the event and we are thankful for all feedback we have received. If you would like to give feedback, we welcome it! Please do this by contacting us via email. Our email addresses are on the “Contact Us” page.

Here is a selection of photos from the event.

We hope to hold more events that showcase the AYCW’s history in the future.

If you would like further information on the event, please contact us via the “Contact Us” page.

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Oral History Victoria Innovation Awards 2015

The YCW Archive and Research Centre are pleased to announce that the first release in our Documentary Project has received an Commendation in this years Oral History Victoria Innovation Awards 2015.


Extract from Oral History Victoria:

COMMENDED: Melissa Walsh and Judy Hughes
The Road Safety Campaign 1967-1972
YCW Archive: The Road Safety Campaign 1967-1972

What an original and effective use of oral history from the Young Christian Workers Archive. This is innovative and effective in several ways: using oral history to illuminate the role of the YCW in a transformative social and political campaign about road safety in the late 1960s, and a YCW learning and activist approach that is still relevant; combining extracts from interviews with animated film to create a well-crafted and engaging video output; placing that video on YouTube to reach younger audiences. The use of animation is especially innovative and effective.

(Source: http://www.oralhistoryvictoria.org.au/projects-resources/)

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“A Thousand Fresh Starts: An Exhibition”

We at the YCW Archive and Research Centre, along with the Australian YCW and YCW Holdings are delighted to announce our first exhibition titled “A Thousand Fresh Starts: An Exhibition” which will be held in Melbourne on November 21, 2015.

For more details, please refer to the invite below.

YCW Archive Invitation YCW Archive Invitation 2

The Australian YCW, YCW Holdings and the YCW Archive and Research Centre encourages you to share this invitation with your friends, family and colleagues.

Please RSVP by November 13, 2015 to

www.trybooking.com/IVLH or marie.blyth@ycw.org.au or call 03 9489 4387

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition,

The YCW Archive Team.

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The YCW Archive and Research Centre presents ‘The Road Safety Campaign 1967-1972’

Since September 2014, the YCW Archive and Research Centre in collaboration with hardworking volunteers has been working on a Multimedia project that displays in video format, the history of the Australian Young Christian Worker’s Movement.

We would like to now present the first Youtube clip produced in this project!

‘YCW Archive: The Road Safety Campaign 1967-1972 ‘

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Good things come and go! Celebrating temporary donations

An integral part pertaining to the historical collection of the YCW Archive and Research Centre are the donations provided by previous members or associates of the Australian and International YCW movements. However, understandably not all donations are permanent fixtures in the Archive, rather they are temporary donations. These donations arrive at the YCW Archive and Research Centre to be preserved, catalogued and digitised before being sent home to live happily ever after. This year the YCW Archive and Research Centre Collections Workers have been working on a number of temporary donations which have already or will be soon returned safely to their owners. We at the YCW Archive and Research centre would like to celebrate a temporary collection that has recently been returned home. This collections belongs to former YCW associate, Jim Nippard. We would like to thank Jim for his temporary donation and assistance in collection of the wonderful history of the Australian Young Christian Workers movement. We will do this by displaying a small number of photographs provided by Jim. We would like to acknowledge the other wonderful temporary donation collections currently residing in the YCW Archive and Research centre. We hope to be able to provide insight to these soon also.

Council Meeting. Sandra Kenyon, Carol Selford, Kieran O’Halloran

Council Meeting. (Sandra Kenyon, Carol Selford, Kieran O’Halloran)

Businessmen's Lunch

Businessmen’s Lunch

Lonsdale Street Office - Fiona Grant

Lonsdale Street Office – Fiona Grant

Meal at Lowanna

Meal at Lowanna

If you have any information regarding the images shown from Jim Nippard’s Collection, please contact our Social Media Coordinator, Emma via email (emma.vanwees@ycw.org.au). Information including, but not limited to, spelling of names, dates of photos or names of people in images would be highly appreciated.

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Moving Forward – Archive Progress Update!

Can you believe it is nearly June? We at the YCW Archive and Research Centre cannot!! 6 months into 2015 and we are wondering, what have we achieved???

At the beginning of the year, the Archive team had the goals of:

  • Completing the Melbourne Office Catalogue.
  • Completing the processing of the ‘Salisbury’ donation materials.
  • Beginning digitalization of the completed catalogues.

The Archive team can safely say that these goals were all completed along with others. The Melbourne and Sydney Offices Catalogue was finished at the start of February and is available for viewing on the website. (See here: https://ycwarchive.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/ycw-melbourne-and-sydney-offices-collection-database.pdf) The processing of the Salisbury Collection has similarly been completed and will be available for viewing later this year. Furthermore, over half of the collection has been digitised. Other accomplishments for the YCW Archive and Research Centre include:

  • The commencement of digitisation of the Melbourne Collection
  • Completion of the Brisbane Office Catalogue
  • The completion of the catalogues and preliminary digitisation of the majority of the temporary donated collections.

But from here, where do we go now? Well, the Archive team have a whole new set of goals. They are:

  • Completing the digitisation of the Melbourne, Brisbane and Salisbury Collections
  • Continuing to make catalogues and archive materials available for viewing online
  • To create an exhibition that displays some of the fabulous history that belongs to the Australian Young Christian Workers Movement.

We, at the YCW Archive and Research Centre are also still hoping to fill some of the blank spaces in the catalogue by gaining information for items that are unknown to us.  Such as the image below. We have been searching for information regarding this image and have yet to discover any. If you do have any  information regarding the image, please contact the YCW Archive Collection Workers via email. (Contact information provided on the contact page)

Exhibition no21

The YCW Archive and Research Centre will continue seeking and accepting materials relevant to the history of the Australian Young Christian Workers movement during this time. For information regarding donation of materials, please contact the collection workers via the enquiry form on the page “Shake Off The Dust”.

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New Age History

The YCW Archive and Research Centre has moved into the 21st century. We now have 4 media platforms including this website.

Platforms include:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YCW-Archive-Research-Centre/246959615428498

Instagram: Follow at YCW_Archive


All sites will be updated frequently.

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