Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

2014 was a significant year for the YCW Archive and Research Centre. It was a year where the Archive grew number wise in people power, with the addition of three tertiary level students into the mix with Melissa. These three students will be staying on and taking on positions within the Archive in 2015. The YCW Archive completed the first stage of cataloguing in the majority of collections held: the Melbourne Office Collection, the Brisbane Collection and private collections. Headway was made in Sydney, with the initial stages of preservation and cataloguing beginning on the Sydney Office Collection. Overall in 2014, great advances were made towards the creation of the YCW Archive and Research Centre.

Entering 2015, the YCW Archive team has set themselves some New Years Resolutions! Within the first quarter of the year, the YCW Archive and Research Centre Team will aim to:

  • Complete the Melbourne Office Catalogue.
  • Complete the processing of the ‘Salisbury’ donation materials.
  • Begin digitalization of the completed catalogues.

The YCW Archive will continue seeking and accepting materials relevant to the history of the Australian Young Christian Workers movement during this time. For information regarding donation of materials, please contact the collection workers via the enquiry form on the page “Shake Off The Dust”.

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1 Response to Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

  1. Judy foster says:

    Great start

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