Moving Forward – Archive Progress Update!

Can you believe it is nearly June? We at the YCW Archive and Research Centre cannot!! 6 months into 2015 and we are wondering, what have we achieved???

At the beginning of the year, the Archive team had the goals of:

  • Completing the Melbourne Office Catalogue.
  • Completing the processing of the ‘Salisbury’ donation materials.
  • Beginning digitalization of the completed catalogues.

The Archive team can safely say that these goals were all completed along with others. The Melbourne and Sydney Offices Catalogue was finished at the start of February and is available for viewing on the website. (See here: The processing of the Salisbury Collection has similarly been completed and will be available for viewing later this year. Furthermore, over half of the collection has been digitised. Other accomplishments for the YCW Archive and Research Centre include:

  • The commencement of digitisation of the Melbourne Collection
  • Completion of the Brisbane Office Catalogue
  • The completion of the catalogues and preliminary digitisation of the majority of the temporary donated collections.

But from here, where do we go now? Well, the Archive team have a whole new set of goals. They are:

  • Completing the digitisation of the Melbourne, Brisbane and Salisbury Collections
  • Continuing to make catalogues and archive materials available for viewing online
  • To create an exhibition that displays some of the fabulous history that belongs to the Australian Young Christian Workers Movement.

We, at the YCW Archive and Research Centre are also still hoping to fill some of the blank spaces in the catalogue by gaining information for items that are unknown to us.  Such as the image below. We have been searching for information regarding this image and have yet to discover any. If you do have any  information regarding the image, please contact the YCW Archive Collection Workers via email. (Contact information provided on the contact page)

Exhibition no21

The YCW Archive and Research Centre will continue seeking and accepting materials relevant to the history of the Australian Young Christian Workers movement during this time. For information regarding donation of materials, please contact the collection workers via the enquiry form on the page “Shake Off The Dust”.

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