Share Your Memories

A key aspect of the Archive’s work is to gather the personal recollections of former YCW members from around Australia through:

  • an oral history project;
  • the gathering of written recollections, about the experience of being in the YCW, memories of campaigns, key events, councils, extension work etc.

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1 Response to Share Your Memories

  1. Paul Costigan says:

    I had a Rolls Royce introduction int The YCW. Mia Wamba was in the Cheltenham Parish and I had close contact with movements chaplains – Willy, Burke, Nippard and Smith, with some great leaders – Ladds, Finlayson and Chelt’s own president Barry Phillips, and with the two great families that looked after Mia Wamba – the Thompsons and the Willys. I thank them all for any good development I achieved. Paul Costigan

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