Oral History Project

The YCW Oral History project was commenced in May 2014 to capture and record the experiences of those who have been involved in the YCW. Bringing different skills and perspectives to the project, a team of volunteers have been conducting oral history interviews with former members of the YCW throughout Australia. The project seeks to learn more about the history of the YCW movement in Australia, from its original inception and development until the current day. Working alongside the YCW Archive project, the oral history project explores the impact the YCW had on the lives on individuals involved in the movement, as well as the influence it had upon social movements and the wider Australian community. The expanding collection of oral history interviews is currently housed at the YCW Archives and will be available for researchers and the public at the completion of the project. The oral history recordings will also be incorporated into the YCW Archive and Research Centre’s Multimedia Project in production this year.

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