The Interview Team

 Introducing the YCW Oral History Project Interview Team:

Jodie Boyd 

Jodie Boyd’s PhD studies included research on pre-war and post war Catholic lay social movements, including the ‘Jocist/YCW’ movement in Europe, Catholic Action and the Catholic Evidence Guild. I am working on a long term biographical project examining the alignment of Paul McGuire in a number of these organisations. She is currently undertaking the ‘Recording Oral History’ unit at Monash University run by Professor Alistair Thomson.

Gretel Evans

 In 2013 Gretel Evans completed her honours degree in history at the University of Southern Queensland examining how the British Former Child Migrants remember their past experiences.  She also recently participated in the ANU summer scholars program, and as part of a mini research project worked with oral history materials at the National Library of Australia, this time in relation to the 2003 Canberra bushfires. Gretel has just commenced her PhD at the University of Melbourne examining migration and natural disasters within Australia. Hailing from Toowoomba, Gretel is now based in Melbourne.

Judy Hughes

Judy Hughes is completing the Masters in Oral History at Monash University. Drawing from her experience working as a journalist, Judy has conducted a number of oral history projects and recently completed a course in multimedia through Harvard University.

Wayne McGough

Wayne McGough joined the YCW in the 1960s, and was founding secretary of the Hadfield Branch in 1964. He has been a teacher for over forty years and also has a Masters Degree in pastoral counselling.

David Moloney

David Moloney is a professional historian with a particular interest in understanding more about the YCS and YCW. He is also secretary of Cardijn Community Australia.

Ian Parry

Ian Parry has over twenty years experience as an interviewer and social researcher, working as an anthropologist and oral historian. His research has taken him to many places – including Indonesia – and he currently works in the Victorian Department of Justice Native Title Unit. He sees the YCW Oral History Project as an opportunity to provide new perspectives on Australian social history.

Denis Sheehan

Denis Sheehan is a Melbourne person with a passion for the history of this place, in all it’s shades and colours. He was first  influenced by the YCW in 1978 and has had an ongoing involvement which has included some years as national chaplain based in Sydney in the early 1990’s. Denis is married to Anita who was and still is a person of  the YCW with a commitment to justice and charity. Denis is currently working as a counsellor and welfare worker with international students. 

Melissa Walsh

Although never a member of the YCW Melissa Walsh grew up surrounded by the ideas and people of the Australian movement – her parents were key leaders in the 1960s and 1970s. After working as history teacher, Melissa completed a PhD at Melbourne University using oral history to explore the lives of contemporary Australian rules football followers. In 2013 she took on the role as co-ordinator of the YCW Archive and Research Centre and is very pleased to be facilitating the Archive’s Oral History Project. Melissa also works teaches in The Big Issue Classroom, working alongside Melbournians who have been marginalised through homelessness.


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