Who are these people?

Exhibition no21

We at the YCW Archive and Research Centre have come across a number of Photographs in various collections that are untitled. Due to this, we do not know any information regarding the image or the people in it. This is one such image. This image is part of the Adelaide Salisbury Collection.

We would like to ask anyone with any information regarding the image and the people in it, to please contact the YCW Archive and Research Centre.

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The YCW Archive Catalogue is Here!

Good news! After countless hours of sorting, searching and categorising, the catalogue of YCW Archive materials can now be made available. To access the database go to the “Information for Researchers” page above. Congratulations to the Archive team in both Sydney and Melbourne for their work – and stay in touch as we will update the catalogue regularly with new records.

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Snapshot into YCW History!

Currently as we are coming to the end of January, we here at the YCW Archive and Research Centre have been wondering, how did the past YCW members and groups spend their Januarys?

With a little digging, in and around the Archive, we now have a snapshot of what the Melbourne YCW members of January 1982 spent their time focused on.

Displayed here, are select pages from the Melbourne YCW January 1982 edition of their Newsletter. These pages giving us a rare insight into the past of the YCW. If you would like to see more of Melbourne YCW’s past Newsletters, please do not hesitate to contact the YCW Archive and Research Centre!

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Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

2014 was a significant year for the YCW Archive and Research Centre. It was a year where the Archive grew number wise in people power, with the addition of three tertiary level students into the mix with Melissa. These three students will be staying on and taking on positions within the Archive in 2015. The YCW Archive completed the first stage of cataloguing in the majority of collections held: the Melbourne Office Collection, the Brisbane Collection and private collections. Headway was made in Sydney, with the initial stages of preservation and cataloguing beginning on the Sydney Office Collection. Overall in 2014, great advances were made towards the creation of the YCW Archive and Research Centre.

Entering 2015, the YCW Archive team has set themselves some New Years Resolutions! Within the first quarter of the year, the YCW Archive and Research Centre Team will aim to:

  • Complete the Melbourne Office Catalogue.
  • Complete the processing of the ‘Salisbury’ donation materials.
  • Begin digitalization of the completed catalogues.

The YCW Archive will continue seeking and accepting materials relevant to the history of the Australian Young Christian Workers movement during this time. For information regarding donation of materials, please contact the collection workers via the enquiry form on the page “Shake Off The Dust”.

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Displaying the ‘Bill Armstrong’ Banner Collection!

In October, former YCW Member & President Bill Armstrong donated a selection of YCW memorabilia. From this selection, various pieces of memorabilia will eventually be displayed at the YCW Archive and Research Centre.

Here is a sneak peak at part of the collection that may go on to display.

BA Flag 1 copy

BA Flag 2 copy

BA Flag 4 copy

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Introducing…the YCWArchive … Documentary Project…

Are you interested in telling stories about the YCW and its amazing past?

Do you have skills in multimedia, writing, illustration or researching?

Then come along and join the
3 Minute YouTube Project

To find out more, come along to YCW House, 537 Brunswick Street North Fitzroy

September 12 at 11am (there will be cake).

Look online to find digital stories you like – we will share these at the meeting.

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Archive Action – The Interviewer Workshop

Over the first weekend in May, ten volunteers participated in a two day Interviewer Training Workshop as part of the Archive’s Oral History Project. It was a terrific weekend and although there was lots of hard work done we still found time for a bite of lunch and a coffee now and then. Here are some pics from the weekend showing members of the Interview Team with the current Melbourne YCW and former YCWs who generously agreed to be interviewed as part of our training programme:


Hannah Rate (interviewer) with Margaret Armstrong and Mary Dykes.


Ian Parry (interviewer) and Bill Armstrong


Members of the Interview Team (L to R): Tennyson Collins, Jodie Boyd, Judy Hughes and Ian Parry. All the Interviewers are volunteers.



Melissa Walsh (Interviewer and Project Co-ordinator) and Bernadette Allan grab a much needed coffee.

David Moloney and Denis Sheehan (interviewers)

Jean Ker Walsh and chats with Gretel Evans (interviewer)

Wayne McGough, Denis Sheehan (interviewers), Karen and Tara (Melbourne YCW) hear some words of wisdom (!?) over lunch

Thanks to everyone who participated – Val Noone who gave an introduction to the history of the YCW on the Saturday, Paul Willy, members of the Melbourne YCW – Zoe, Tara and Karen – and special thanks to Jodie for the terrific photos. To find out more about the Archive’s Oral History Project and who is who on the Interview Team check out the “Oral History Project” tab above. And if you can, please support the International YCW’s “Day’s Pay Appeal”. To find out more check this link: 2014_IYCW_Day_Pay_Appeal_Brochure.V2 .

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Join The Research Team

Last year, the Archive launched its major Oral History Project. The aim of the Project is to capture the life stories of people involved in the YCW and NCGM from its inception in Australia to 2010. These recorded stories will be added to the YCW Archive, and will be a valuable resource for researchers and also for future YCW members.

Now it is time to grow!

The Archive is seeking volunteers willing to conduct interviews in their home state, town and community with former members of the YCW.

If you are interested in joining the Research Team as an interviewer, please send an email to archive@ycw.org.au or complete the Expression of Interest form below by          April 11, 2014.

A training Workshop for Interviewers will be held in Melbourne on May 3-4, 2014.

For more information about the Workshop, visit the link above or email archive@ycw.org.au.

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Happenings Over Summer

Whilst this blog has been a bit quiet, the Archive has been busy over summer. Molly Strano, a Sports and Recreation Management student from Victoria University, completed a placement in Archive, helping to trace the history of the Victorian YCW Football Competition. Here is a picture of Molly presenting her research in the boardroom of the Western Bulldogs Football Club:


We have also been visited by Associate Professor Rob Hess, from the College of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University. He has been delving into our treasure trove of newspaper cuttings about the Sunday sport campaigns from the late 1950s and early 1960s:

photo copy

More news from the Archive soon…don’t forget to fill in the survey still available below…

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Where did we come from? Where are we now?

We are conducting a survey of former Australian YCW Members, to get a sense of where, when and how people joined the YCW. Please join in by filling in the form below.

Thank you! The information you have provided will be kept private and confidential.

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